Grilled Limfjords* Oyster with raw Cabbage, salted Leeks and Dashi

Grilled oyster

Open and clean the oyster. Then grill them briefly on one side to make them more solid and smoked. Cut the oysters into small pieces and put them in the lower part of the shell.

Raw Cabbage

Peel and cut the cabbage into small half balls.

Salted Leeks

Cut the leeks into thin strips and season with salt, sugar and apple vinegar. Leave them in the marinade for a few hours.


1000 g water

25 g seaweed

100 g butter

Warm up water and seaweed to 60 degrees. The temperature should be maintained for one hour. Remove the seaweed and reduce the dashi by 2/3. If necessary add more butter, salt and apple vinegar. Before serving foam the dashi with a hand blender.


Dried or fresh beach herbs or dill.


Prepare a bowl with stones and dried seaweed. Place the grilled oyster in the lower part of the shell on the stones. Distribute the small cabbage balls in the shell. Place the salted leeks. Foam the dashi and place it on the top with a spoon. Garnish with dried or fresh beach herbs or dill.

*Oysters from the cold water inlet ”Limfjorden” in Northern Denmark.


At Restaurant Domestic, we strive to prepare simple fare using locally grown ingredients.
All ingredients are produced with respect for animal welfare and sustainability.
Our menu showcases Nordic ingredients of the very best quality sourced from nearby farms and local suppliers.
We have done our utmost to create a gourmet restaurant with a cozy atmosphere where everyone can feel at home. 
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