Riesling trocken, VDP.GROSSE LAGE, Vielfalt Lagen Paket


It is as if infinity were contained in this Michelsberg. There are no limits. Only countless nuances, until the next cloud of aroma passes by. And it all begins: new perspectives open up in its reflection, and a multi-faceted image emerges with many components on the event horizon. A real experience!

“Unembellished aromas of ripe lemon and minerality. Excellent density on the palate!”

Konstantin Baum (Master of Wine)

Michelsberg – upon which St. Michael’s Chapel stands – is home to the ‘Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt’ wine festival, which is the biggest wine festival in the world with over 600,000 visitors.


Both strong, mineral Rieslings and soft, “creamy” Rieslings are cultivated in this locality, which has been honoured by the VDP for so-called “Große Gewächse”, the German equivalent of grands crus.



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