_ Our Vineyards

_ Our Vineyards

Kaleidoscope of nuances in taste

18 hectares of pure soil diversity. Every wine has to be nurtured with attention and appreciation to develop its own typical character. Karl Schaefer wines originate from the best, most diverse soils in the Palatinate region, and these soils also have differing microclimates.

Riesling – A master of metamorphosis

Riesling can do! Riesling is a reflection of its terroir in a manner unparalleled by other grape varieties. The accentuation of typicality and the identification of an ideal style result in wines that represent their terroir in a harmonious manner.

Location, location, location…

We are located in the Fuchsmantel wine-growing locality. Our emblem features the ‘Flaggenturm’ tower – an important landmark in the Fuchsmantel area – which embodies our connection to our region, our culture and the people who live here.



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