Dürkheimer Spielberg

Riesling trocken, VDP.ERSTE LAGE, Vielfalt Lagen Paket

Dürkheimer Spielberg

An interplay between force and counterforce. Striking acidity meets concentrated minerality. Zero point zero: weightlessness for an instant, yielding to equilibrium. A tingling sensation: lively fruits and spiciness emerge. Altitude, and then a return to ground level: the moment passes, but what you have experienced remains.

“Incredibly taut and straight-ahead.”

Toni Immanen (Founder Viinitie Wines, Helsinki, Finland)

It has been suggested that there was a Roman signal tower called ‘Spiegelberg’ in this locality that gave its name to this hill.


Dry or residually sweet wines with excellent ageing potential are produced in the Spielberg area.



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