Wachenheimer Fuchsmantel Quetschenbaum

Riesling trocken, VDP.ERSTE LAGE, Vielfalt Lagen Paket

Wachenheimer Fuchsmantel Quetschenbaum

Searching for an oasis. Past the shop windows, hard asphalt, purring motors, the crowds on the escalators. We take off our big-city attire and leave the hustle and bustle for the calm of a vineyard. Sand under our feet, but no trace of dryness. Everything is flourishing – lemons and peaches. Our perception is focussed. ‘Quetschenbaum’ – the plum tree: sunshine and a source of shade.

“New nuances again and again, really exciting.”

Hanno Rink (Inhaber Restaurant Urgestein, Neustadt, Deutschland)

The name can be traced back to an impressive plum tree (‘Quetschebam’ in the local dialect) that used to stand in front of the vineyard.


The Fuchsmantel wine-producing area lies below the ‘Flaggenturm’ tower, the oldest lookout tower in the Palatinate. This area surrounds the tower in the manner of a sloping cape.



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