_ Preserving Diversity

_ Preserving Diversity


Our work revolves around grapes, which are the origin of all wines. We respond to the diversity of grapes and try to foster nature’s gift to us in the best possible manner. Working in harmony with nature, we work in an ecological manner in everything we do – with the aim of promoting local and regional products, resource protection and sustainability. Carefully observing the development of the grapes is an important prerequisite for choosing the right times to carry out maintenance and care work. Selective hand-picking results in ripe, healthy grapes – which ensures that terroir remains an important characteristic of our wines.

Soil Types

Karl Schaefer has rich diversity in terms of soil types. Riesling is a prime example of the extent to which differing soil types can affect the varieties and character of a particular grape. We employ suitable cultivation techniques to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients. Natural vegetation on our soils protects the organic characteristics of the soils and also serves as a habitat. The diverse vitality of the soils is reflected in the vitality of the wines themselves!

Grapes, Soil Types, People

We regard ourselves as intermediaries between nature and our customers. You should be able to taste the terroir of our wines. We allow things to take their natural course, but we do dictate the broad approach to be followed. With careful cultivation and processing of the grapes, we guide the transformation of the must into wine. This is our contribution to a unique encounter between nature and humans!

Over time, wines that reflect the purity of their terroir are created in our cellars. The magic has occurred – a transformation to savour!



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