Winzersekt Pinot Gris

Vielfalt Geschmack Paket, WINZERSEKT

Winzersekt Pinot Gris

The city lights are flickering, and delicate effervescence is carrying the aroma up from your glass. Your brain is keenly stimulated: aromas are there to be savoured, thoughts are being set free, and everything flows! The tender aromas are caressing you, and the sweet aftertaste is now taking over. ‘Winzersekt’ sparkling wine of the finest! Une liaison amoureuse.

“When I drink this ‘Winzersekt’, time stands still.”

Helen Mol (Sommelière & Wein Consulting, Berlin, Deutschland)

Our Pinot Gris sparkling wine is produced using the méthode champenoise – i.e. traditional fermentation in the bottle – and is stored for at least nine months.


Grauburgunder is unique as a ‘Winzersekt’ sparkling wine. It can develop its compact structure, fresh acidity and playful aromas in an inimitable manner.



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