VDP.GUTSWEIN, Vielfalt Geschmack Paket


Get off the sofa! And into Weissburgunder! This wine is a master of the situation. An all-rounder that gives something of itself to the moment – i.e. excitement! Its lightness and deep spiciness make it a pleasure to drink. Right down to the last drop. Next page, next wine …

“Spiciness and fruit combined. Perfect as an accompaniment to several courses.”

Helen Mol (Sommelier, Weinagentur-Consulting & Horst Lehmann GmbH, Germany)

Weissburgunder (pinot blanc) is always a cuvée from a vineyard with calcareous soil in the Dürkheimer Michelsberg region and from a vineyard plot with sandstone soil in the Fuchsmantel region.


An uncomplicated pleasure, and totally exciting and stimulating!



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