Dürkheimer Spielberg “Schöne Anna”

Riesling fruchtsüß, VDP.ERSTE LAGE, Vielfalt Geschmack Paket

Dürkheimer Spielberg “Schöne Anna”

Seduction – this is the spell cast by “Schöne Anna”, by Beautiful Anna. She was legendary as the cook and innkeeper of the “Vier Jahreszeiten” inn. And with every drop, she casts her enchanting spell again. Time told becomes time to be told. The dream of the exotic lives on. In the fruit, and in the far-removed – as the drinker is fully enveloped by the wine, and is at the heart of the matter. This delicate sweetness and gentle elegance must never end!

“Right in the middle, between residual sweetness and gripping acidity.”

Carsten Thüne (Manager Bad Dürkheimer Fass, Bad Dürkheim, Germany)

‘Schöne Anna’ is our homage to Anna Bergner, cook at the ‘Vier Jahreszeiten’ inn, who worked magic with her culinary skills and also produced a classic of its genre with her 1858 “Pfälzer Kochbuch” cookbook.


While she was still alive, she sold her Spielberg vineyard to our ancestors. This tradition is a sweet obligation to us.

‘Schöne Anna’ is always a ‘Spätlese’ or late vintage, and is produced with residual sweetness.



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