St. Laurent Rosé


St. Laurent Rosé

It is hot, and the sun is tickling your skin. A gentle breeze can be felt, and the air carries the scent of summer. How refreshing! Beside you, droplets of condensation are rolling down a bottle of rosé. The tender reflexes are smiling at you. You take the bottle out of the cooler. Time for rosé, time to be shared with another person. Time for a rosé with spiciness and a lot of freshness. On one of those summer days that you won’t forget. Any time, any place.

“Enjoy la dolce vita with this rosé!”

Josephine Gaede (das cape mädchen, Fashion Designer)

Produced from the St. Laurent grape variety, this rosé is the perfect terrace wine for spring and summer. In wintertime, it reveals itself to be the perfect accompaniment to food.


The appearance and essence of this rosé are characterised by tenderness, fragrance and an element of spiciness.



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