Sonnentropfen trocken

Riesling trocken, VDP.ORTSWEIN

Sonnentropfen trocken

There is a magical moment in every day: one when the precious sunlight starts to fade, the day’s work is done and people come together – a moment of vitality. A homage to wine, which itself is a result of the interplay of light. Every drop – from the Palatinate out into the world.

“An excellent Riesling – a real revelation!”

Johanna Schippmann (Sommelier & Rest. Manager Fame, Berlin, Germany)

‘Sonnentropfen’ bears the original label from 1908. It used to be a sweet wine, but now our two Ortsweine or village wines are both ‘Sonnentropfen’ wines.


‘Bad Dürkheimer Sonnentropfen trocken’ (dry), from the Dürkheimer Kalksteinriff area.


‘Wachenheimer Sonnentropfen feinherb’ (off-dry), from the upper terraces of the Fuchsmantel area, just like it used to be.



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