Riesling trocken


Riesling trocken

The view from the kitchen: the branch of the apple tree is waving as if it wanted to shake my hand. The day is still young. No appointments. Speaking of apples, a Riesling would be nice. A gentle, subtle wine. While reading? To go with food? Or on its own, for no particular reason? Yes.

“Wow, density, presence and complexity are all here.”

Massimiliano Jacobacci (Founder FortyFive10°, London, Great Britain)

This dry Riesling comes from various Riesling vineyard plots on our estate. It embodies the high quality demanded of our wines and is “dry in accordance with tradition”.


The style of this Riesling demonstrates how craft and nature characterise our products, even in the lowest classification: this dry Riesling is easy to drink and has a moderate alcohol content. Its structure and minerality are concentrated.



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